How to Integrate ZKTeco Biometric Attendance System with Cloud Application?

ZkTeco Web API

Biometric attendance systems are increasingly becoming essential for modern businesses seeking streamlined operations and enhanced security. The integration of ZKTeco biometric devices with cloud applications can be achieved smoothly using the Cams Biometrics API, which supports a variety of devices including those from ZKTeco.

Check Device Compatibility

Before beginning integration, ensure your ZKTeco device is compatible for Web API Communication. This can be ensured by verifying your device at Developer BOT: . Provide the requested details along with the correct serial number of the device and click the “start verify” button. The BOT will then provide TODO/ACTION-REQUIRED instructions. Follow them carefully on the biometric machine, such as adding a user in the biometric device or recording a punch. Note that even if you already have users added in the device, still add a new (dummy) one if requested by the BOT.

Once the device is successfully verified, reach out to the Cams Sales team at +91-98409-41006 (call/WhatsApp) or email to generate the invoice for API.

API access will be provided to your device immediately after the tax invoice is generated.

Track Record of Supported Devices

The platform maintains a track record of the success rate with different biometric models, indicating the reliability of various devices when integrated with cloud applications. Here are the top 5 ZKTeco models with the highest success rates in API communications:

  • IN02-A: 97% success rate
  • UFace 800: 96% success rate
  • S922: 96% success rate
  • F19: 93% success rate
  • IFace 880: 92% success rate

These statistics underscore the importance of verifying each device’s capability to ensure successful integration with your cloud applications.

Please note that firmware can vary over time and across different regions. Therefore, merely looking at the model may not confirm if the device supports working with the API. Generally, machines with ADMS, WDMS, or an inbuilt Cloud server can be used for verifying the device’s compatibility.

Connect the Device to the Network

The ZKTeco device needs to be connected to the internet to communicate with the developer portal. Ensure that the configurations suggested at are implemented in the biometric hardware.

Additionally, the machine should be online for an effective verification process. For assistance in bringing the device online, refer to application.

Integration API

Read the API documentation completely and carefully and implement the software for seamless integration. Once the API is purchased, you can configure your call back api URL to the device in the cams admin panel.

As soon as API is activate, the punch logs will be pushed on real time to your server instantly.

API documentation is avialable at

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